Company in Brief
By Managing Director


ASIA MINING DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVES (AMDE) as one of the pioneer companies in the field of mining has taken into consideration a set of activities of exploration, extraction, processing, education, research, etc. from 2006 with the cooperation of a number of graduates in the same field.

Our company was chosen and honored as the best exploiter in the country by the ministry of Industry and Mines in (2008) and Zanjan best exploiter in (2010) because of its designing and principal and scientific exploitation from the same mining potential.

Morvarid iron mine located in Zanjan, Iran, is one of our main projects. Morvarid mine, having an absolute reserve of 2 million and 200 thousand tons of mineral materials and a potential reserve of 12 million tons, contains a considerable amount of production of ore (mineral stone) in the same region.

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Sadjad Ghoroghi
Managing director